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Nadezhda Lyulina

Nadezhda Lyulina

International Expert of GMP, Russia;

Deputy of HR Director, PHARMAPARK Ltd.

Industrial activities:



February 2010
HR Director, PHARMAPARK Ltd.
2003 – 2010 CEO, SKIF Ltd.
April 1999
Head of Technology Department, «NPF Pocard»
December 1998
April 1999
Head of Quality Assurance Department, JSC «Pharmacenter»
1996-1998 Production Project Manager, «MIR Pharmaceutical, Inc.» (USA) Moscow Representative Office
1986-1996 Head of Biosynthesis and Gene Engineering Department, Deputy Director for Production, First Deputy Director, Experimental Plant of Medical Biological Products of the Russian Cardiology Research Center
1986-1973 Lab assistant, Engineer, Senior engineer, Myocardial Metabolism Laboratory, Senior engineer, Bioenergetics Laboratory, USSR Cardiology Research Center
1969-1973 Lab assistant, Biochemistry Department, Central Research Laboratory of the 4th Main Department of the USSR Ministry of Health