Maxim Caleaghin

Maxim Caleaghin



Present - 2013

Head of Quality Assurance Department and specialist in the field of registration of medical product, ICS "Farmina"SRL

2013 - 2010 

Specialist in the field of drug registration and quality assurance of medicines, Moldovan-American Joint Venture "Vitapharm-Com" Ltd

2009 - 2006

Pharmacist expert, agency of medicines, Laboratory of quality control of medicines

2005 – 2006

Head of laboratory, "RNP Pharmaceuticals"

2004 – 2005

The manager of import and export, the pharmaceutical company "Forman 77"

2003 – 2004

Research associate , Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, Laboratory of Organic Synthesis

2003 - 2008

Specialty: Metrology certification and standardization of products, The Kishinev State Universitet.Faculty of Physics.

1999 - 2003

Specialty: Technology for medical and cosmetic industry, The Kishinev State University. Faculty of Chemistry

1995 – 1999

Tiraspol City theoretical lyceum biological and chemical department