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Conference programme

Report № 1.- «Implementation of GMP in the Republic of Belarus: the point of no return has been passed»
Elena Aleksandrova
Report № 2.- «GMP for cheap!»
Stepan Artemchenko
Report № 3.- «Pharmaceutical Inspection in Russia: objectives and ways of it implementation»
Vladislav Shestakov
Report № 4.- «Attention! Wanted particularly perfect employee ...»
Ellada Mordvyntseva
Report № 5.- «New trends in the EU GMP rules and manufacturers response to the proposed changes»
Peter Shoturma
First master-class «Preventing cross-contamination- A new challenge to cGMP»
Andrzej Szarmanski
Public interview with Production Director 
Galyna Derbyna
Report № 6.- «Problems with the transfer of staff to work on GMP»
Natalia Gabitova
Report № 7.- «Ensuring the security and confidentiality Dossier series (Part 1 GMP, 4.10)»
Maria Gerstenberger
Report № 8.- «Fatal errors or why quality service quality managers discredit the quality system?»
Nadezda Lyulina
Report № 9.- «Design and implementation of a modular system of preparation of solutions to meet the requirements of cleanrooms»
Alexei Moiseev
Report № 10.- «Quality assurance of raw materials in the production of finished drugs»
Andrey Meshkovskiy 
Mini-Seminar «Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICH Q10) algorithms and schemes»
Aleksandr Aleksandrov
Public interview with Quality director
Marina Lavrova
Report № 11.- «Local production of medicines in Russia. The upper and lower part of the iceberg»
Irina Braginskaya
Report № 12.- «Experience of using portable NIR and Raman analyzer at the organization of the input control in pharmaceutical industry»
Maria Rumyantseva
Report № 13.- «Examples of material management in quality control laboratories»
Khatuna Loria
Report № 14.- «Effective time management»
Julia Boyko
Report № 15.- «CTP System – our case studies»
Filippo Bini
Report № 16.- «Myths about risk management quality (ICH Q9)»
Marco Bonifacio
Report № 17.- «Mathematical statistics to ensure the quality of medicines»
Michael Muzykin
Report № 18.- «Outside the gates of production: practical aspects of successful logistics of medicines»
Andrey Kuharenko
Report № 19.- «Examples of standardization of changes»
Yuriy Syvolap
Report № 20.- «Quality assurance in the import and distribution of medicines in the Republic of Moldova»
Maxim Caleaghin
Report № 21.- «Example of an electronic account for deviations»
Michael Hazanchuk
Round table «GMP-inspection. Classification of inconsistencies and evaluation of САРА»
Discussion of the results of the first round of proficiency testing QAD
Aleksandr Aleksandrov