About the conference 2016

The Seventh Pharmaceutical Quality Week "Quality Assurance of Medicines" will be held in Minsk, Belarus from 14 until  17 June 2016

Already it is clear that it is necessary to expect new creative ideas, something very new and traditional effective.

The Conference provides professionals a unique opportunity because of active creative participation of representatives of more than 80 companies from across the world, as well as the fact that each activity helps to preserve and accumulate knowledge, drawing on international experience and achievements of our companies.



Location 2016

The Seventh Pharmaceutical Quality Week   "Quality assurance of medicines " was held from 14 to 17 June 2016 in Minsk, Belarus at Belarus Hotel.

For many years, Hotel “Belarus” in Minsk has been a symbol and one of the most recognizable architectural monuments of Minsk.
Hotel “Belarus”, being the hallmark of Minsk, for many years has maintained the status of the best hotel in the capital.
Convenient location in the centre of Minsk, the harmony of style and comfort, a wide range of services, the ability to accept and accommodate a large number of guests make Hotel “Belarus” a popular place of temporary residence for both business and leisure travelers alike.
Address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk city, Storozhevskaya street, 15
From railway station:
by public transport:
public transport stops: «Leningradskaya» - «Yubileyniy» hotel:
Buses: 1, 69
Shuttle buses: 1055, 1056
by underground:
station «Lenina» - station «Oktyabrskaya»
«Kupalovskaya» station «Nemiga»
From bus station “Vostochniy”:
by public transport:
public transport stops: bus station “Vostochniy” - «Yubileyniy» hotel
Shuttle buses: 1055
public transport stops: bus station: “Vostochniy” -  «Kirova»
«Independence square»
by bus to the railway station: 127, 192
by trolley bus to the railway station: 20, 23, 30, 36
From airport «Minsk-2»:
by public transport
Every hour by bus to the bus station "Moskovskiy", "Vostochniy" or to the railway station.
From 07, 2014 was adjusted railway communication between the airport Minsk-2 and the railway station of Minsk city.
From the airport to Minsk depart trains daily 5 times per day: at 07.15, 10.50, 14.20, 18.15 and 22.10.
From Minsk to the airport also 5 times per day depart trains: at 05.35, 8.45, 12.20, 16.30, 20.25.


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